Message to All Pros From Johnny Archer

The ABP along with Barry Behrman and Shannon Paschall, co-promoters of the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, have taken the step this year to work together, to be able to assure you prompt payment at this year’s event. Barry and Shannon have agreed to pay all players within two hours of the completion of their matches. Isn’t that great!
Shannon and I are all working diligently to establish records so that we know where every participant is as they relate to entry fees paid in and prize money payouts. In short, we intend to create a spreadsheet of players for the event that will be public information. This spreadsheet will be updated regularly on AZBilliards so that everyone who has registered will be able to see that they are on the official entry list.
To this end, I encourage everyone to participate in The Behrman’s 38th Annual U.S. Open, as it is going to be a great event! The entry fee is only $400 for the month of August, Barry and Shannon are making up the difference. If you would like to register please visit this link: PLAYER ENTRY, all funds are going into the trust account.
I would like to say a special thank-you to Dennis Walsh for setting up the trust account for this event. As the President of the ABP I would like to personally thank all the players who will participate in this year’s Open and wish all good shooting and good luck.