Mezz World Champion Challenge Split Wins

Thorsten Hohmann split the challenge matches with Mika Immonen

Former World Champions Mika Immonen and Thorsten Hohmann faced off in front of an anxious Korean audience at Main Billiard Club in Incheon, Korea. They would play Bank Pool and Straight Pool.

In the first match of Bank Pool, Immonen went in as the favorite and led the match the entire way until 2-1 needing one game to win. Hohmann proceeded with 5 banks in a row to tie the game at hill hill. The last game, Hohmann kept the ball lead count and won 5 banks to 2 to win the match 3-2 for a minor upset. It was a first for Korean fans and the audience enjoyed the great banking performances of both players.

In the straight pool, neither player could keep any long runs going and more innings than usual occured. In the end, Immonen ended the match with a 42 ball run to win 100-76.

Immonen upset World 14.1 Champ Hohmann and Hohmann upset Bank Pool wizard Immonen. The 2 champions will have to break the tie at the next tournament.