Michael Fuller Makes It Two in a Row on Jacoby Tour

Doug Ennis, Michael Fuller, Jeff Abernathy, Matt Riggs - room owner

Smokin' Cue in Charlotte, North Carolina hosted the 4th stop on the Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour December 29-30, drawing a field of 31 players for the $1000 guaranteed added Main Event.

Michael Fuller defeated Jeff Abernathy in the final match, earning $1000 for first place plus entry into the 2008 Carolina Open, courtesy of Fast Eddie's in Goldsboro, NC. Since Fuller has already qualified for the Carolina Open 9-Ball Tournament through an earlier win on the Jacoby Tour, he is now qualified for the One-Pocket Tournament, as well.

To kick things off, an Early Bird Tournament was held on Friday night. Jeff Abernathy held off Mike Davis 7-3 in the final match. Results for this event were: 1st Jeff Abernathy $120; 2nd Mike Davis $70; 3rd Scott Lewis $30.

In the Junior Tournament on Sunday, Chris Bruner defeated Justin Ward 7-1 in the final match. Junior players score points which accumulate for the first 10 events on the tour. The top point winners in each division will qualify for the 2008 Junior Nationals.

Also on Sunday, a Second Chance Tournament was won by Mike Davis. Davis defeated Peaches Fuller 7-3 in the final match. Final results: 1st Mike Davis $110; 2nd Peaches Fuller $50.

In the Main Event, Abernathy scored wins over Scott Lewis (7-5), Dino Allegrucci (7-4), Larry Kressel (7-6), Ron Park (7-4) and Fuller (7-5) to take the hotseat. Meanwhile, Fuller defeated Mike Greene (7-0), Cary Dunn (7-6), Matt Reed (7-2) and Eddie Little (7-1) before losing to Abernathy (7-5). On the one-loss side, Fuller made it past Kressel (7-5) to set up the rematch with Abernathy.

The final match started well for Abernathy as he won the lag and the first game despite a near scratch setting up on the 9-ball. A scratch on the break, however, gave Fuller ball-in-hand. Sixteen minutes later the score was 4-1 Fuller, thanks to three break-and-runs that included a 5-8-7 combo.

In the sixth rack it was Fuller's turn to scratch on the break. With ball-in-hand, Abernathy ran out, once again flirting with the corner pocket to get shape on the 9-ball. Now down 4-2, Abernathy made the 8-ball on the break and seemed poised to close the gap. But a tricky angle on a 4-6 combination resulted in a miss and Fuller ran out.

Up 5-2, Fuller made the 7-ball on the break but was forced to shoot safe. Snookered, Abernathy made a good hit and accidentally pocketed the 8-ball. After making the 1, 2 and 3-balls, Abernathy shot safe on the 4-ball. Fuller pulled out the jump cue, made the 4-ball and ran out to lead 6-2.

Fuller missed late in the ninth rack to give Abernathy a third game. After scratching on the next break, however, Abernathy would not make it back to the table. Fuller ran the rack, converted a 2-9 carom in the next game, then broke and ran the final rack to win the match 9-3.

Congratulations to Joe Russo who was the lucky winner of a $700 cue raffle from Jacoby Custom Cues.

Special thanks to room owner Matt Riggs and the entire staff of Smokin' Cue for their hospitality. Also, Rock City Promotions wishes to thank OB-1 Cues for supporting the Jacoby Tour.

The next stop on the Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour will be January 19-20 at On the Snap Billiards in Fuquay Varina, NC. The event will guarantee $1000 added with $1000 for 1st place plus entry into the 2008 Carolina Open, courtesy of Fast Eddie's.