Michelle Monk returns to BAAT Winners Circle

Michell Monk

March 21st brought out 13 players to Strokers in Palm Harbor, for the $500 added Tiger, Bay Area Amateur's 3rd stop of the year. With the competition constantly on the rise, two players emerged to the finals.

Tour Director, Stephanie Mitchell let it be known, that she was here to play as she quickly made work of the winner's bracket, allowing no opponent more than 3 games against her. She sent some top names, such as Jamie Toennies, Bettina Chase and Melissa Morlan to the one-loss side.

Last month's winner Melissa Morlan, started out strong as she sent last season's 2nd in points, Michell Monk to the one loss bracket in the first round. Receiving a bye in the next round, Monk then retaliated by going on a collision course through the one-loss bracket, also allowing no opponent more than 3 games. Having the opportunity of a rematch against Morlan, this time it was Monk who came out on top.

Monk then forced Jessica Barnes to settle for 5th place. On the top half of the bracket, Toennies forced Stephanie McFarlin to also settle for 5th place.

Barnes and McFarlin received ‘one-out-of-the-money' prizes for their admirable efforts in such a tough field.

Toennies and Monk then faced off for the chance at the semi finals. Monk stepped it up and won the match 6-2. Toennies finished with a very respectable 4th place finish.
However, on the winner's side bracket, Mitchell and Chase were battling it out for the hot seat. The match reached double hill, and fell down to the 9-ball…..it was Mitchell who sunk it, and redeemed the title of Queen of the hill.

The semi-finals were set, Chase versus Monk. Monk's drive proved to be too much as she won the match 6-2 and Chase settled for 3rd.

The stage was set for the final match up between Mitchell and Monk. Being true double elimination format, Monk had to beat Mitchell (6-5) twice for the win. The set started out with both players stepping up to BAAT, trading wins for the first six games. With the score tied at 3-3, both players began playing more safeties to try to gain control of the match. Monk edged out the next couple of games to reach the hill first. On the hill, Monk broke, made a tough shot on the one and then made a carom on the 2-9, forcing a second set.

Mitchell came out on fire in the second set, steam rolling out to a 3-0 win. Well on her way to reach the hill, without Monk even winning a game, Mitchell missed an extremely tough shot on the 8-ball, and after trading misses, Monk won that game to get on the board. Monk then won the next game to finish out the 8-ball set 2-3. Monk's switch turned on during the 9-ball set, as she seemingly ‘woke up' and steamrolled the next 4 games, and won the set 6-3.


BAAT in its entirety would like to thank Jose Delrio of Strokers for holding such an excellent event. BAAT would also like to thank all of their sponsors; Tiger Products, Lucasi Hybrid, Sterling Gaming, Stroke It Wear, BilliardScoop, Bayside Pool Service, Ray Martin, and Tweeten Fibre. Without you, we would not have such a great tour!