Michelle Rakin Takes Final Season Stop and WWR Tour Champion

Mary Rakin (left) and Michelle Rakin (right)

The final stop for the Women's Western Regional Tour kicked off from November 3rd to the 4th at Family Billiards in San Francisco, California. Thirteen women came to battle it out on the newly recovered Brunswick Gold Crowns (done by Ernesto Dominquez).

On Saturday, Michelle Rakin and Helen Gaughran faced off in the second round. Helen was up six to four going to seven, but Michelle was able to rattle off three straight games to win the match and then defeated Janna Sue Nelson to guarantee her a spot in the winners side finals on Sunday. The quarter finals presented a tough match up between Mary Rakin, the reigning International Juniors Champion, and Eleanor Callado, the four time ACUI National College titleholder. These two traded games back and forth, but Mary was able to defeat Eleanor seven to five, assuring the other spot for the Sunday hot seat match.

The final four players returned on Sunday. Michelle Rakin won her spot in the finals by defeating Mary seven to five, but Mary was determined to play her sister again in the finals and beat Eleanor Callado to do just that. In the end, Michelle Rakin, the WWR season ending point's leader, proved her spot at the top by upping Mary Rakin seven to six in the finals. Mary received second place and also ended up second in WWR tour points. Helen Gaughran and Eleanor Callado rounded out the tour respectably with 3rd and 4th in point totals for the WWR season. The Women's Western Regional Conference is looking forward to next season.

A special thanks goes out to Delbert Wong, owner of Family Billiards, for his continued support of the tour and also to Emilyn Callado, who took over as head of the tour and tournament director, for all of her hard work!