Midwest Billiard Expo

Earl surrounded by the Ashton Twins and Bud Girls

The Midwest Billiard Expo and Midwest Open were in full swing on Friday with over 100 vendors and soon to be over 2000 amateur players.

The ladies 9-ball tournament was down to three players. Amy Latzko was in the hot-seat waiting for 2003 VNEA 9-Ball Champion Tammie Jones and Canadian Champion Rachel Abbink to decide who would be getting another shot at her. Latzko knocked both Jones and Abbink to the one-loss side on her way to the hot-seat.

The 8-Ball Tournaments get underway on Saturday and both events have full fields already.

Earl Strickland, Mike Massey, Steve Lillis and the Ashton Twins have been busy giving exhibitions and will continue their exhibitions all weekend.

Check out our online gallery for pictures of many of the different vendors and cue-makers.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe