Mike Davis and Josh Brothers Winners at Champion Billiards

Mike Davis

Champion Billiards Sports Cafe in Laurel MD. was where the 5th stop of the Hampton Ridge 9 Ball tour took place. Special thanks to Rick Hamilton and the staff of Champion Billiards for all there help with the tour stop.

Their were two tournaments held in the same weekend with players getting two chances to gain points and qualify for the N.U.T.S. In the first tournament it was Ryan McCreesh leading the way on the top half of the bracket with wins over VJ Mcglove 7-3, Paul Everton 7-4, Ilir Jaho 7-5 and Mike Davis 7-4.

On the bottom half of the bracket it was Points leader Lee Holt with wins over Bob Guerra 7-1, Dominic Noe 7-3, Matt Krah 7-1 and Brandon Shuff 7-1. This set up a match with Ryan McCreesh Vs Lee Holt fighting for the hot seat. The match went back and forth with Ryan McCreesh pulling out the win 7-5 sending Lee Holt to the one loss side and McCreesh on his way to the hot seat.

After losing to Ryan McCreesh, Mike Davis went through the one loss side with wins over Josh Brothers 7-3, Brandon Shuff 7-5 and Lee Holt 7-4. Mike Davis got another shot at Ryan McCreesh this time in the finals. Davis took an early lead and never looked back winning the match easily 9-5 giving Mike his first win of the Hampton Ridge 9 ball tour.

1st Mike Davis
2nd Ryan McCreesh
3rd Lee Holt
4th Brandon Shuff
5th-6th Josh Brothers, Joe Cataldi
7th-8th Matt Krah, Bob Guerra

In the second tournament it was Josh Brothers running away with it from the start with wins over Troy Huffman 7-5 Jose Burgos 7-3, Mike Davis 7-5 and Keith McCready 7-1.

After losing to Josh Brothers 7-1 Keith McCready went through the one loss side getting back to the finals where Josh Brothers was waiting. This was a great match between two great players. The match went hill-hill with Josh Brothers breaking a monster break sinking three balls all Josh had to do was run a wide open table which he did easily to win his first tournament of the year 9-8.

1st Josh Brothers
2nd Keith McCready
3rd Mike Davis
4th Ryan McCreesh
5th-6th Robert Kay, Lee Holt