Mike Davis Defeats Scott Lewis on Jacoby Tour

Mike Davis

Break Time Billiards in Wilmington, North Carolina hosted the third stop on the 2008-2009 Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour January 3-4.  Twenty-seven players competed in the $1000 guaranteed added Main Event.  Mike Davis defeated Scott Lewis in the final match, earning $1000 for first place.

To kick things off, an Early Bird Tournament was held on Friday night.  Michael Fuller defeated Jim Barthule (7-4) in the final match.  Results for this event were:  1st Michael Fuller, $200; 2nd Jim Barthule, $130; 3rd Younger Chapman, $80; 4th Larry Faulk, $50; 5th-6th Mike Walker and Ernie Mayhew, $30 each; and 7th-8th Jay Calhoun and Steve Spurrier, $20 each.

On Sunday, there were three mini-tournaments.  First place in the Junior Tournament went to Brandon Carraway, who edged Caleb Grissom (7-6) in the final match.  Top honors in the Ladies' Tournament went to WPBA Hall of Famer Belinda Calhoun, who defeated Katie Cowan (7-4).  

In the last mini-tournament on Sunday, Russell Sasser took first place in the Second Chance Tournament, defeating Sidney Champion (7-3).  Results of this event were:  1st Russell Sasser, $130; 2nd Sidney Champion, $70; 3rd-4th Jay Calhoun and Larry Faulk, $40 each; and 5th-8th Kim Staub, Steve Ladner, Karen Webb and Tony Walters, $20 each.

In the Main Event, Davis defeated Larry Faulk (7-2), Barry Irving (7-2), Scott Lewis (7-4), Dennis Crist (7-1) and Jared McGee (7-2) to take the hotseat.

After drawing a bye in the first round, Lewis defeated Mike Walker (7-3) but was promptly sent west by Davis (7-4).  Lewis dodged elimination by Zach Wilson (7-6), then finished off Steve Ladner (7-2), Dennis Crist (7-4) and Michael Fuller (7-4).  This set up a rematch with Davis.

Lewis won the lag to begin the final match and made the 9-ball on the break in an up-table corner to take an early lead.  In the second game, Davis used his jump stick to bank the 7-ball in the side, tying the score at one game apiece.

Davis made use of the short stick again in the third rack, choosing to jump instead of pushing out.  The result was a break-and-run and a 2-1 lead.  Davis kept Lewis on the defensive in the fourth rack and was rewarded with ball-in-hand and a 3-1 advantage.

The fifth rack was an assortment of kick safes, balls hung in corners, and a total of three fouls.  In Lewis' tenth inning, the winning shot was a bank meant for one rail that went two.  Lewis scratched on the ensuing break and watched as Davis ran the table to lead 4-2.

Lewis pulled to within one game at 4-3, but was snookered after breaking in the eighth rack.  Davis accepted the pushout, banking the 2-ball long and running out.  The next four games were split, making it 7-5.

After a no-hit foul by Lewis in the thirteenth rack, Davis converted a 5/9 combination to go on the hill.  In the fourteenth rack, with the 9-ball hanging in the corner pocket, Lewis missed a 2/9 carom.  Davis made the 2-ball and then converted a 3/4/9 carom/kick/carom shot to win the match.  Final score:  9-5.

Congratulations to cue raffle winner Troy McGuire, who was the lucky winner of The Edge break cue from Jacoby Custom Cues.

Rock City Promotions wishes to extend special thanks to the staff and ownership of Break Time Billiards and to OB-1 Cues for supporting the Jacoby Tour.

The next stop on the Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour will be January 24-25 at Sharks-N-Shooters in Rocky Mount, NC.  The event will guarantee $1000 added with $1000 for 1st place.