Mike Davis wins Blaze Stop 5

Mike Davis

The Blaze nine ball tour held it's fifth stop at Ivory Billiards in York, Pennsylvania where a field of forty-two people made their way out to play. Top players included Mike Davis, Danny Basavich, Ryan McCreesh, Jerry Slivka, and Billy Kirshner.

Leading the way on the top half of the bracket was Dick Magaro with a 7-2 win over Steve Stough. Magaro also defeated Matt Douglas, Danny Basavich and David Abraham in more challenging matches all with scores of 7-5. KC Wagman put up a fight against Magaro but eventually lost 7-6.

The bottom half of the bracket was led by Mike Davis with landslide victories over Dave Daya, Brett Stottlemyer, and Joe Long, defeating them each with a score of 7-1. Jerry Slivka put up more of a fight against Davis but eventually lost with a score of 7-4.

Fighting for the hot seat was Dick Magaro vs Mike Davis. The match went back and forth until Davis pulled ahead, winning 7-4 and sending Mike to the hot seat and his opponent (Magaro) to the one loss side.

Ryan McCreesh made his way through the one loss side with great wins over Brent Shreiner and Jerry Slivka 7-3 each. Brett Stottlemyer put up a greater fight but lost 7-4. Kenny Ritman and Dick Magaro were not easily defeated but each lost 7-5. McCreesh had his work cut out for him when going against Joe Scott, Dave Daya, and Joe Long but came out the victor with scores of 7-6 each.

In the finals, it was Mike Davis vs Ryan McCreesh. In a one sided match, Davis ran away with the victory 9-1.

Complete Results:
1st Mike Davis $800
2nd Ryan McCreesh $500
3rd Dick Magaro $350
4th Jerry Slivka $250
5th David Abraham, Joe Long $200
7th KC Wagman, Dave Daya $150
9th VJ McGlowe, Joe Cataldi, Brett Stottlemyer, Keith Christman