Mike Davis Wins Blaze Tour Stop

Mike Davis

Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill was where the Blaze 9 Ball Tour had their 15th stop, special thanks to Bob Maidhof for hosting the event. Forty-one players came out to play, players like points leader Mike Davis, Matt Krah, Danny Basavich, Jerry Slivka, Shaun Wilkie, Eddie Abraham, and Lee Holt.

Leading the way on the top half of the bracket was Matt Krah with wins over Mike Davis 7-3, Lee Holt 7-2, Wes Dobson 7-4, Billy Kirshner 7-5. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Jerry Slivka with wins over James Keegan 7-1, Al Waldo 7-2, Danny Basavich 7-3, Shaun Wilkie 7-6.

Playing for the hot seat was Matt Krah Vs Jerry Slivka, this was a one side match with Matt Krah taking control from the start never looking back winning the match 7-3.

The big story was Mike Davis after losing his first match he went on to beat Frank Heck 6-1, Dave Hoover 6-2, Tom Boyd 6-2, Bristol Bob 6-4, Shaun Wilkie 6-4, Billy Kirshner 6-4, and Jerry Slivka 6-4, to reach the finals.

In the finals it was Matt Krah Vs Mike Davis a rematch but this time Mike Davis took control from the start never looked back winning the match with ease 9-1

Complete Results:
1st Mike Davis $800
2nd Matt Krah $500
3rd Jerry Slivka $300
4th Billy Kirshner $220
5th Shaun Wilkie $180
5th Brent Shreiner $180
7th Bristol Bob $125
7th Randy Schwager $125
9th Wes Dobson $100
9th Tom Boyd $100
9th Keith Christman $100
9th Danny Basavich $100