Mike Dechaine Breezes through Field at Robert Dionne Memorial 9 ball Tournament

Mike Dechaine (File photo courtesy of Mitch Heydt)

A full field of 64 players came out to pay tribute to Robert Dionne at the Robert Dionne Memorial on March 1st at Silver Cue Billiards in Woburn, Ma. A total of $3,700.00 in prize money was up for grabs and notables like Mike Dechaine, Dave Fernandez, Mike Nicaloro, Jose Pinto, Joe Tucker, Ivo Petrov, Chris Leal, Rich Ross and Nelson Olivera were looking for their share.

The format for the tournament was "race to your handicap" with the following handicaps...   Pro  10  Open 8  A's 7  B ‘s 6  C's 5  D's 4.

The semi final match was Rich Ross (who would race to 7) vs. Mike Dechaine (who would race to 10). The match was very close up until Rich made a critical mistake on a 7 ball that gave Mike an opening. Mike would win the match 10-5.

The Hot Seat Match was Mike Dechaine vs Tom McGonagle. The race would be Mike Dechaine going to 10 while Tom McGonagle would race to 8. This match was a one way match with Dechaine winning it with the score of 10 – 3 and taking his spot in the Finals. 

The one loss Finals was Nelson Olivera vs. Tom McGonagle with both players racing to eight. This was a tight match until the 10th game when Nelson pulled away took control of the match. He would win the set 8-5 to earn his shot at Mike Dechaine in the finals.

The final race was Mike Dechaine going to 10 and Nelson Olivera going to 8.

Seemed like no one would beat Mike on this day. He would cruise through this set 10-5 and take the title. 

I would like to thank everyone who came out to play. It meant a lot to me and my family.   The total we will be sending to St Jude in Robert Dionne's name will be $700.00.   Don't forget about March 8th.   8 ball event at Busters Billiards in Somersworth NH. Doors open at 11:00 am. To get more info www.Mdpromotions.com

A note to the players   I am taking  pre registration for the season Finale. I will be closing it off at 128 players so sign up now. I will be adding $ 3,500 to the pot. If we get the full 128 I will add $ 5,000.00. The entry fee is $ 60.00 for members, $ 170.00 for non members. The date on the Finale is August 15th, 16th and the total purse will be $ 11,400.