Miller Time at Derby City Bank Pool event

Jason Miller

With a 3-2 win over Jason Kirkwood in the finals, Jason Miller won the Derby City Classic Bank Pool event on Monday night. The final game came down to four balls with Kirkwood shooting and only needing one ball. Kirkwood missed the bank and Miller ran the final four balls for the victory.

The Straight Pool qualifiers are still going with Danny Harriman turning in the high run of 139 on Monday. Alex Pagulayan had the second highest run with 130 balls.

The One Pocket Hall of Fame induction dinner is scheduled for Tuesday night when the good folks at will induct Artie Bodendorfer, Marshall 'Squirrel' Carpenter, Steve Cook, Ed 'Champagne' Kelly, Freddy 'The Beard' Bentivegna, Truman Hogue, Leonard 'Bugs' Rucker, Billy 'Cornbread Red' Burge, Gary Spaeth and Eddie 'The Knoxville Bear' Taylor into the Hall of Fame.

Diana Hoppe is in Louisville and we have posted one photo gallery from her already. Look for another to be posted soon. We also have complete results from the first eleven rounds of the bank event and the partial results into the second round of the one pocket event.

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