Milliken SuperPro makes its Pro Tournament Debut

Jeremy Jones

Playing on Milliken SuperPro pool cloth for the first time in a major billiards tournament proved to be a success at the 2008 9-ball Championships. The event airs nationally on ESPN Saturday July 19 starting at noon.

Former Mosconi Cup player Jeremy Jones won $15,000 in taking the men's title with China's number one Xiao-Ting Pan collecting $15,000 for her victory in the women's event.

Many players reported to US distributor Sterling Gaming their confidence in the cloth.  Jeremy Jones said recently in an interview on Runout Radio, “ The Milliken played great. The cloth was more to my liking, and did not take as long as some other cloths to break in.” The company is now hoping to expand its influence in the US pool market.

Sterling Gaming is the exclusive supplier of Milliken SuperPro in the US. Spokesman Matt Carter said: “After such a great response from some of the top players in the world of pool, many pool room owners and home table owners are incredibly excited about recovering their table with Milliken SuperPro.”

Milliken takes its first steps into Canada in August when it sponsors the 2008 Canadian Cue Sports Championships featuring Milliken SuperPro in Toronto hosted by the Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association.

For more information about Milliken SuperPro cuesports cloth contact Sterling Gaming at 1-877-283-7444.