Monkinator unbeaten in Palm Harbor

Michell Monk

Stix Billiards in Palm Harbor, Florida was where the ladies of the BAAT tour chose to battle this month.
Michell Monk played a very focused game throughout the entire day. She sent such notable players as Nicole Winters, Connie Mago and Helene Caukin the losers side. From the hot seat she anxiously awaited her final victim.
A new face in the finals was Nicole Winters. After meeting up with Michell Monk in her first match she took the long road back to face her again in a rematch for 1st place honors and $200. Along that road she faced Darlene Pedrick, Leslee Davis Blaikie, Sabra MacArthur Beahn, Connie Mago and Helene Caukin. She was playing very strong to get wins over Leslee and Sabra. These are two tough competitors that can never be counted out until the last ball falls. During Winters' next two matches luck was on her side. Mago, who had been playing strong throughout the tournament just didn't get the rolls and finished in 4th with $50. Nicole went on to face Caukin in the semi-finals. Nicole was off to a great start with a 3-1 lead. Helene made a comeback and won the next 4 games to tie the match hill-hill. Not taking any chances of letting Nicole to the tables, Helene broke and ran the final rack to lose the match as the cue ball scratched after her final ball fell. She had to settle for 3rd place and $90.
This allowed Nicole the opportunity to see "the Monk-inator" in action one more time. Nicole managed to win the first game then it was all Michell full steam ahead for the remainder of the match. Monk won the finals with an impressive final score of 8-1. Nicole received $150 for her 2nd place finish.
Thank you to Tom George and Stix billiards for hosting the Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour. Thanks also to our WONDERFUL sponsors including Sterling Products, Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Stroke It Wear and Ray Martin. You help make our room owners and our one out of the money players like this month's Barbara Ellis and Sabra MacArthur Beahn happy. They received gift bags for their efforts.