More Good News from Barry Behrman, U.S. Open Founder

I’m very pleased to report that, again, this year’s event will be sanctioned by the World Pool Association and will be a Tier II rankings points event with $72,000 added making the total prize fund $200,000. All added money and players’ entry fees will be secured with Suntrust Bank months in advance. In order to have the event in one ballroom only at the Marriott this year, I’ve developed a new floor plan which is a smaller mirror image of what it was when held at the Chesapeake Conference Center. Having the T.V. arena located in the center of the room and 4 tables on each side. VIP seats for over 200 will go on sale July 1st as the final diagram is being sent out to Pay Pal and of course, those who purchased VIP seats last year will continue to have one week to purchase the same seat or seats prior to anyone else; another U.S. Open tradition. I’m sorry for the delay but I wanted it to be perfect as you deserve it to be.

Players entry at $1000 for the max field of 128 players, which will 100% fill, can be sent in now by mail to: Q Master Billiards U.S. Open 9 Ball Attention: Barry, 5612 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462.  Please make checks payable to the U.S. Open.

Also, in case you are not aware, I’m holding 32 spots for U.S. Open qualifiers from billiards rooms in America and abroad. Many wonderful responses have already come in and I am so delighted and appreciative of all your efforts thus far and many more are coming in every week. It’s been one of my dreams to have room qualifiers for a long time and now with the max field at 128, 32 spots are perfect to hold.

I’m so very pleased to report that my friend, Roberta Agnor, has joined me at the hip as Q-Masters bookkeeper and the all important task of being by “our” side prior and during this year’s 39th U.S. Open. Roberta, for whatever reasons, has always had my back through thick and thin as she lives in our town and knows firsthand how hard I do work year round at Q-Masters and especially for the U.S. Open. She’s one of my most loyal people who will, if necessary, get on those who really may not know the entire story or stories about me and will speak her mind. Even when I’m wrong, which of course I have been, she says it like it is truthfully. I cannot wait to get started right away later today. Welcome aboard Roberta & I hope you’re ready for “Barry’s World” and all that it contains. Now let’s get to work ☺, we are a little behind but won’t be any more soon, I love ya young lady.

I want to apologize to everyone for being a couple weeks behind setting up the U.S. Open website, Facebook page, and final arrangements such as final exact seating for VIPs and general admissions as I’ve been working with Commonwealth Events to do the entire ballroom changes for the better as well as now being able to send the exact number of all seats to Pay Pal so we can begin selling our, your, VIP seats without a hitch. I would rather it take a few  more days to get it perfect and we are there now. Today, Monday June 9th and Tuesday June 10th all will be finalized with all mentioned. Thank you my, our, most loyal supporters for your years and years of wonderful support.

I must admit it’s been difficult not having my beautiful daughter, Shannon Leigh, by my side but life goes on if you allow yourself to do so and now for months I have done just that. I only wish her “the best” and I will always love her no matter what.

Now for all the important “let’s get ready to rumble” information and news for October 13th-18th. We are on it and every detail will be completed by the middle of this week or by Friday at the latest.
As most of you now know I’ve been working very hard, maybe more so than in the previous 38 years to put on maybe the best U.S. Open in years as many changes have been made mainly to accommodate most of everyone’s concerns.

First of all from 1997-2009 we were at the Chesapeake Conference Center rent free as the city yearly took in over $300,000 - $400,000 in revenue and the “priceless” world wide T.V. exposure they received yearly. Now the center wants $35,000 for rental so you who know me surely know what I said about that! So after being so very welcomed at the Marriott across from the Conference Center and by their G.M. Charles as well as his entire staff going out of their way to gladly accommodate any and all of our needs, I felt an obligation of course to return this year.

Of course the main concern everyone had was being in only one ballroom after the fiasco at the Holiday Inn in 2012 and last year’s double room, I had a lot to think about which I did. So now we are back to one ballroom only with 9 tables which is a mirror image of what we had at the Conference Center with 9 tables. Also, the event is going to be 6 days rather than 7 and will run from Monday through Saturday.

Match times Monday through Friday will be 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., and 5 p.m. then take a dinner break and resume with only two evening rounds at 8 p.m.  and 10 p.m then we will be done for the day to either go to bed or, better yet, get to Q-Masters much earlier. Saturday’s final matches are the same, 1 p.m., semis at 3 p.m., finals at 7 p.m. then, of course, the after party at Q-Masters for our 2014 Champion. The big question this year is, can Shane do what no one has ever done and win again to get a 3 peat with owning his 4th title which would be only one away from tying Mr. Earl Strickland’s record 5 U.S. Open titles.

The floor plan consists of all risers, tables and chairs, with no bleachers and every seat without obstructions from one end to the other. VIP seat holders, someone will be calling all of you very soon or you can e-mail Roberta at with any questions.  Both long side sections now are only 2 or 3 rows high not 6 so we are going to accommodate those who had higher VIP seat rows. The pit is exactly the same with 3 rows on each side.

I cannot say enough about how when in a previous press release I mentioned having 32 billiard room U.S. Open qualifiers how that would be received and I must say I’m having tears of joy to have received so many thus far from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, and Aruba and I will gladly post the rooms and owners/managers in a few days.

I’m so very happy doing this and by so, hopefully there will be more billiard rooms having more bodies in their buildings and grow our sport which is in pretty awful shape. I’m not “THE NEW GOD” of pool whatsoever, but a man who has been a huge pool fan since 1965.