More Stars Hit the Doors at U.S. Open

Shane Van Boening proved a one man wrecking crew yesterday as he took both K.L. Hsu and Ronnie Alcano out of the tournament with scores of 11-4 and 11-7. Jonathan Pinegar took out Imran Majid 11-10 and then lost to Joshua Filler 11-7.
It was Nick Van Den Berg who exited Oscar Dominguez 11-8 and Dennis Orcollo took down Johan Chua 11-9. Today Orcollo must face Warren Kiamco.  Wu Jia-Qing ended the run for Ko-Pin Yi 11-8 and Mika Immonen sent Johnny Archer packing 11-7. Justin Bergman came out on top over James Aranas 11-9.
Earl Strickland had two  close shaves but prevailed in both matches 11-10. His first victim was Gabe Owen and the  second was Kevin Cheng, our 2015 U.S. Open Champion. Earl has been in gear all week and faces Chris Melling next.
Skyler Woodward is shooting unbelievably well. He can’t seem to miss. Yesterday he dominated Dennis Hatch 11-4 and will  face Martin Daigle next. 
Still undefeated in the field are Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz and Naoyuki Oi. Oi defeated Alex Pagulayan who made a heroic comeback after being down 7-0 only to lose 11-10. Eklant Kaci continues his spotless record with an 11-8 win over Darren Appleton and Corey Duel sent Albin Ouschan left 11-6. P.C. Ko and Thorsten Hohmann are both still spotless but will face one another next.
Jayson Shaw took down Akagariyama 11-3 and will play Billy Thorpe today after a controversial win by Thorpe. Thorpe was playing Carlo Biado when the play-by-play announcers announced he had fouled the six ball. But the referee was unable to confirm the foul as he was unable to see it and so escaped the foul call. He went on to win 11-10 over a very disheartened Biado who felt he had been cheated in the match.
Today all the matches are great ones. Follow the coverage at for the live stream and right here on AZB for the live scoring and brackets.