More Than a Routine Achievement for Corrieri

Daniele Corrieri (ITA)

Souquet right on track


Cison di Valmarino, Italy: Daniele Corrieri (ITA) defeated Albin Ouschan (AUT) in the semi-final of the Dynamic Billard Castel Brando Open with 9:7.


The match contained two 180 degree turnovers. At first, Corrieri was the only player who performed on an adequate level. Ouschan had no break shot and missed balls. It looked like the beginning of a catastrophe for Ouschan. Trailing 0:2 after two racks, Corrieri scratched in rack three. Ouschan got ball in hand, pocketed one ball and straight ran out of position to miss the next ball.


In the next rack, Ouschan got to the table after Corrieri missed a ball and cleared the table but dogged the 9-ball in the corner pocket. Ouschan obviously struggled with something. He seemed not to get into the match at all. Corrieri, who made it to the final match in the last Euro-Tour in North Cyprus, took advantage of it and scored point for point. After nine racks, Ouschan was down 1:8 - and rightfully so.


But suddenly the tide turned in the match. Ouschan somehow found his game and this time it was Corrieri who played bad safety shots and left out his opportunities to finish the match. Ouschan pulled back rack after rack from Corrieri and even got to 7:8. What an unbelievable comeback for the Austrian. However, in rack 16 Ouschan missed a ball in the beginning but left no shot for Corrieri. The Italian tried something but left an open table for Ouschan. Would that be the hill-hill situation of the match that nobody believed in anymore? Ouschan pocketed the 3-ball and got a bad position on the 4-ball. He had to try and cut it into the side-pocket but he missed it! That was the second turn in the match since it was absolutely unnecessary. Ouschan could have easily run out the rack to tie the match at 8:8. But instead he overran the position and missed the 4-ball. That brought Corrieri back into the match. He finished the table and took the victory with 9:7. Corrieri will now play the second consecutive Euro- Tour final. His opponent was determined in the second semi-final.


In the other semi-final match, Ralf Souquet (GER) defeated Imran Majid (GBR) 9:6. Souquet was dominating the match from start to finish. Majid committed too many mistakes and Souquet consequently punished him for that. Though Majid tried to keep a foot in the door, Souquet was too strong for him today. Souquet will join Corrieri in the final match.


The final match will start at 19:00s local time.


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