Morlan Makes Her Mark (again)

Park Place Billiards hosted the August event that brought out 17 ladies including WPBA players Michell Monk,Helene Caukin and Stephanie Mitchell. Melissa Morlan made her way to the winners circle through a tough field of not one, not two, but three past Tiger, Bay Area Amateur Tour winners to claim her 3rd win of the season.

Settling for 5th-6th prize money of $50 was tour regular Sabra McArthur Beahn and tour owner Stephanie Mitchell. Mitchell lost 4-4 to Jamie Toennies. Beahn fell to house favorite Deanna Foster 5-3. Deanna was on a roll and rolled past Jamie with a 5-2 win. Toennies earned $90 for her 4th place finish.

Dee Minor had just been handed her first loss (4-4) from Morlan and was out for revenge. This set up the battle of the D's. It tuned out not to be much of a battle as Diana Minor didn't give Deanna Foster many opportunities at the table and sent her home in 3rd place with a 6-0 win. Deanna made $125 for her 3rd place finish.

Now Dee had one more shot at beating Melissa. But it turned out Hurricane Dee had no wind left in her sails and Warrin' Morlan was out for a victory. She got it, sending Minor back to Indiana in second place but with an extra $175 in her pocket. Morlan received $250 and her third, first place finish of the season. Wow!
Thanks to Bobby and the staff at Park Place Billiards for helping us put on another wonderful event!
The one out of the money prizes won by Mary P Brown and Bettina Chase contained gifts from our wonderful sponsors including Lucasi Hybrid, Sterling Gaming and Stroke It Wear. Thank you to all our fantastic sponsors!!!!!