Morris and Deuel lead Ring Game

Corey Deuel

After fourteen racks, Rodney Morris and Corey Deuel are leading the Derby City Classic Ring Game.

All of the players have now won at least one rack except for Charlie Williams who has fouled numerous times, to Jimmy Wetch's benefit.

Rack six saw Earl Strickland notch his first win with a 6-10 carom. Strickland made the 10 on the break in rack seven but scratched, leading to a Corey Deuel 1-10 combo. Alex Pagulayan ran rack eight after Deuel came up empty on the break. Alex was running out Rack nine but missed a makeable 9-ball which allowed Morris to run out that and the next rack.

It was then Wetch's turn to win two racks with a nice run in rack eleven and a break and run in rack twelve. A scratch on the break in game thirteen gave Corey Deuel a 2-10 combo followed by a break and run by him.

After fourteen games, the score is as follows...(in order of play)

Alex Pagulayan $4400
Rodney Morris $8000
Earl Strickland $2600
Charlie Williams $800
Jimmy Wetch $6200
Corey Deuel $8000