Morris cracks top 5 on AzB list

Rodney Morris

Can any player unseat the Philippine trio of Reyes, Bustamante and Pagulayan from the top of the AzBilliards Top 20 list? Maybe #4 ranked Thorsten Hohmann has a chance. He seems to be doing well against them in the Philippines this week.

The new face in the top 5 is Rodney Morris who defeated Hohmann at the World Pool League over the weekend. A great win for Rodney.

Rodney lead five new names on the list this week. #11 ranked Venancio Tanio is a new name to the list who is in action in the Philippines this week.

Placement on the AzBilliards Top 20 list does not indicate playing ability. Rankings are determined by fan interest and are measured using traffic logs on the AzBilliards website.

Photo courtesy of Matchroom Sport