Morro earns Pechauer bounties

Ismael 'Morro' Paez

Holding the #1 spot on the Pechauer West Coast Tour Points List is not always a good thing. For Paul Potier, this weekend at BreakZone Billiards in Torrance CA, it meant he had to play with a bounty on his head. Potier's 50 point lead on the points list earned him a bounty of $25 for the player who could send him to the one-loss side and $50 for the player who could knock him out of the event.

Until the end of the event, it looked like that bounty might not be paid to anyone. Potier ran untouched to the match for the hot-seat, but couldn't stop Ismael 'Morro' Paez. Paez scored the 9-6 win to earn the hot-seat and the $25 bounty.

Potier was far from done however, as he sent 'Surfer' Dave Hemmah packing with a 9-5 victory and earned another shot at Paez in the extended finals.

Paez came out of the gate strong, and jumped to a 5-1 lead, before Potier fought back to even the match. The players went back and forth, with neither able to gain much of a lead after that. Paez got to the hill-first, but Potier was runnout out to tie the match at hill-hill when a miscue on the 4-ball ended Potier's tournament. Paez came to the table and fired in the 4-9 combo for the tournament win.

Paez collected $1075 (including both bounties), while Potier settled for $700. Hemmah and Marshall Jung filled out the top four spots.

The Pechauer West Coast Tour will be at KC's Midway Bar & Grill in Oregon City, OR on January 31st - February 1st for a $1000 added bar table event.

Complete Results:
1st Ismail Paez $1075
2nd Paul Potier $700
3rd Dave Hemmah $500
4th Marshall Jung $350
5th/6th Dave Chartier, Brian Parks $225
7th/8th Tang Hoa, Shane Manaole $150
9th/12th Wayne Pullen, Mike Sabutella, Francisco Galindo, Lorry DeLeon $80

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe