Mosconi Cup 20th Anniversary – Team USA

The Mosconi Cup is on us again and 2013 is its 20th Anniversary. Who would have ever thought that from its humble beginning back in 1994, that it would be looked at today as arguably one of,  if not THE number one Pool Tournament in the World.
Over the first few years it changed its format several times until it settled on a five man team format, which has become firmly established over the years.
As Team USA has not won the Cup since 2009, this year is being looked upon as the year that the USA Team of Johnny Archer - Dennis Hatch - Shane Van Boening - Earl Strickland and Rodney Morris will regain the trophy!!!
Johnny is not only the Captain of Team USA, but is also the joint Team Coach with Veteran Buddy Hall, and it is expected that this vast wealth of knowledge will pull the team to their first win in four years.
However, Team Europe will have something to say to those aspirations I am sure. As the very strong team of Ralf Souquet (GER) - Darren Appleton (ENG) -  Niels Feijen (NED) Mika Immonen (FIN) and Karl Boyes (ENG) will be going forward full steam ahead to win their fourth year in a row!!!
Captain and Coach once again for Europe is Johan Ruysink (NED) looking for his fourth consecutive win!!
“I am absolutely overwhelmed at being selected this year, the 20th Anniversary of the Legendary Mosconi Cup. Plus, this is my 16th consecutive appearance, something I am still grasping with!!! I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined I would be honored so many times!!
I feel that this years USA side is so strong and every one of them a champion, with Dennis Hatch ready to rally the troops for us!! We also have the experience of Buddy Hall as coach to draw on and I think that he will bring so much motivation to the team that I feel that this is going to be our year!!! 
In addition, to help us along we have a home crowd and of course we have our secret weapon Earl Strickland who is back and playing as good as he did in his prime!! We have not won since 2009 and believe me when I tell you none of the team wants to lose this year especially on the 20th Anniversary of the event!!!!
I don’t usually give predictions, but I’m going with USA 11-9.”
“When I heard that I had been picked for the USA Team this year I was ecstatic!! What an honor to be part of the team in this the 20th Anniversary of the greatest show on earth “The Mosconi Cup!!! This will be my fourth appearance. I was the second ever Rookie MVP in 2009, which was the last time we won the event!!! 
Believe me, with the strong team we have this year, which includes an on form Earl Strickland and side line coaching from the great Buddy Hall and captain Johnny Archer. There is no way we are leaving Las Vegas without the Trophy!!!!
Just Buddy’s presence in the arena and the home crowd (plus all my family and friends) will spur us on this year. I have fond memories of playing Buddy in the US Open final in 1991. I was just 20 years old and he beat me 9-8!!! He is one of the greatest players of all time!!
I think the new break rule will be an advantage to our guys, as I think overall we break better than the Europeans. Speaking for myself I have been working out every day with my son and am as ready as I’ve ever been to take this down!! 
WE WILL WIN 11-8!!!”
“Feels great, and I’m honored to be picked for such a prestigious event. This is the 14th year that I will have played on the Mosconi Cup, and it is even more important because there is a documentary being done on me, thus there is more hype this year especially on me!!!
We have a good team and if we play well we should win. Europe is very strong this year also!!!
I’ll be ready!!”
“The Mosconi Cup is the best pool event in the world. Nothing compares to the atmosphere. This is going to be like my ninth appearance, and each time I get butterflies. 
This year is even more special because its the 20th Anniversary and at a new venue. Can't wait to lock horns with Europe's best and see how all the drama unfolds. Who knows?  Maybe I’ll win MVP again and retire!!!”