Mosconi Points Race on High Heat!

Shane Van Boening (File photo courtesy of Dave Thomson - Medium Pool)

By the end of the Steve Mizerak Seminole event in Florida, not only did Shane Van Boening win the title, but the South Dakota Kid also secured his spot on this years USA Mosconi Cup Team with a points total of 627.5.
Looking to have the No 2 spot locked up is Mike Dechaine with 541.5 points. This will be Mike's first time making an appearance on the Mosconi Cup being held this year at the MGM Grande in Las Vegas in December 2011.
In third spot with 455.5 points is Johnny Archer, who has clawed his way up the rankings and has put himself in a position to represent the USA Team for a 15thconsecutive year. If Mika Immonen (Fin) makes the European side this year he will also be making his 15th appearance.
In 4th and 5th places are Shawn Putnam and Rodney Morris with 435.5 and 427.5 points respectively. Then we have, breathing down their necks, Corey Deuel and Dennis Hatch (MVP in his first appearance in 2009 on home soil) with 406.5 and 365 points.
In 8th place in the points is Hunter Lombardo with 354.5 points, who like good wine, is maturing with age and has made giant steps in the points race over the last few ranking events.
Now with only one event left in the race to secure a spot on the five man USA Mosconi Cup Team, all eyes will be on the US Open to be held in Chesapeake, VA 16 - 22 October 2011. Other than Van Boening and Dechaine, who look to have their places on the team in the bag, all of the other front runners are vying to win this prestigious event. As no one in the top ten in the points can rest on their laurels, especially as the top three in the rankings are secure, but the last two spots will be Matchroom Sports wild card picks in conjunction with ranking positions.
Be assured that quite a few players will be awaiting the final team announcement with baited breath, and there will be some surprises as well I am sure. Will fan favorites Rodney Morris and Dennis Hatch make the team again this year? Be assured they will be battling as if their lives depended on it!
This is going to be one of the most exciting US Opens for a long time, especially as the European contingent are in exactly the same boat, and are coming over to the US Open in droves, all after those tempting Mosconi Cup points.
Last year the winner of the US Open (whether from the USA or Europe) received an automatic spot on the Mosconi Cup team. This year the winner receives ranking points only. As you will recall, Darren Appleton almost had a heart attack when he beat Corey Deuel in the final last year.
Believe me this year it is going to a very memorable final as well, and as usual it will all come to down to the last ranking event of the year. Unfortunately the outcome will make and break the hearts of many a player in the hunt for their Mosconi Cup Dream.
1. Shane Van Boening 627.5
2. Mike Dechaine 541.5
3. Johnny Archer 455.5
4. Shawn Putnam 435.5
5. Rodney Morris 427.5
6. Corey Deuel 406.5
7. Dennis Hatch 365
8. Hunter Lombardo 354.5
9. Mike Davis 344.5
11. Earl Strickland 321.5
12. Stevie Moore 315.5
13. Jeremy Sossei 250.5
14. Oscar Dominguez 232.5
15. Brandon Shuff 226.5