Mosconi Recap in the New BUZZ, Out Now

The New Billiards Buzz is now on the newsstand and we invite you all to read about this year’s Mosconi Massacre as well as stories about the Make-It-Happen 8-Ball event, the New York City 8-Ball Championship and the WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships in Shanghai.

You will still find the wisdom of Jerry Briesath, this month presenting a “humbling” practice. And Kristen Taggart is back, this month talking about the ten bad habits.  And to further help straighten you out we once again have the good doctor in the house as Dr. Chris Stankovich tells you how you got so good at choking. But then he gives you ways to climb up out of your throat, sol it’s all good in the end.

Jay Helfert reminisces about the great names of his youth. Don’t miss this list, some legend you have met is probably on it. All of our regulars are back. Anthony Beeler talks about the Cincinnati Kid and Karen Corr recalls Frank “The Wedge” Wojciechowski and Skip Maloney reviews the new DVD from Hall of Fame member “Rocket” Rodney Morris.

And we have our usual priceless info with the list of upcoming tournaments and results of recent events. Keep going back to the newsstand as soon we will have a new ‘easter egg’ out there for you as a little Holiday Gift. Remember, to get to the newsstand, just click on “BUZZ” in the navigation bar at the top of every page.