Mr.Bet: An online Casino with Customer Care

Mr.Bet-online casino breaks the familiar mold of the online casino world to which we are accustomed. If you have ever visited these gaming sites you may already know how confusing and frustrating the layout of these sites tend to be. But Mr.Bet is laid out in an instinctive layout that allows you to easily navigate to the areas of the online casino that most interests you.


The layout follows the usual rules of great websites. There is a menu bar at the top that allows you to pick your destinations at will. You can choose from their most popular games and go straight to your favorite video slots or table games or whatever type of gaming floats your boat. Be sure to check out their new slot games for something new to play.


Ease of navigation is not the only reason to like this Casino in Canada. This is one site that is willing to give out proper bonuses for your cash. Once on the site, look on the left side of the page for “Promotions”. Click there and you will find how to get a 150% bonus on your opening deposit.  Most Casino sites stop right there with the bonuses. But Mr.Bet will give you another 100% bonus (up to their limits) on the second deposit, 50% on the third deposit and another 100% on the fourth deposit. Add up the bonuses and you find that they are matching your first four deposits dollar for dollar.


Plus, they give you back 5% of whatever you spend on the site. When you put all of this together you find that Mr.Bet is much more thankful for your business than the other sites that are available to you.


We urge you to spend some time just looking around the site. Check out the “Battle of the Spins” for some fast-action fun and look throughout the casino for band new and different games. There is something there for every taste. This is the first site I have found that allows you to play scratch-off games online. They have every type of game you could desire. Keno, roulette, blackjack and even Space Evader are all waiting for your activation.


Check it all out at Mr.Bet. You may be changing your online casino of choice after you do.