Mueller Recreational Products and OB Cues Partner

Mueller Recreational Products is proud to announce they have added OB Cues and OB-1 cue shafts to their catalog.
Nick Maser at Muellers stated from his Lincoln, Nebraska office, “We have talked to Royce Bunnell at OB Cues for some time now about being able to provide OB Cues products to the players.  We are excited this has come to fruition because the OB-1 Cue shafts are not only very popular, but we get a lot of inquiries about OB1 and OB Cues.”

The partnership is just as important to Royce. “Everyone admires Muellers and we are proud that OB-1 Cue shafts and OB Cues will be a part of their catalog.  This is an exciting partnership and opportunity for everyone involved, especially fans and players of our products,” Royce added from his Plano, Texas shop.

Mueller Recreational Products is a provider of over 7000 products to the pool and billiard industry. They have the best prices available for billiard supplies. They are also the exclusive dealer in the United States of Gorina cloth, one of the finest cloths in the world and used in major tournaments around the world by the top players (including the United States Billiard Association's 2008 tour). Gorina cloth is available for both pool tables and 3-cushion tables at great prices, only through Mueller Recreational Products.

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The OB-1 Cue Shaft provides low cueball deflection, exceptional playing consistency and efficient cue ball spin. The design of the OB-1 Cue Shaft provides for an extremely consistent cue shaft, which allows players to become more confident because the shaft performs the same every time.   OB Cues are new to the market and feature "FLC" and "AWS" Technology.  "Full Length Core" (FLC) is a solid maple core that extends from the joint to the bumper, and adds just the right amount of strength in just the right place.   "Adaptive Weight System" (AWS) allows the weight of the OB Cues to be adjusted to the player's preference using readily available tools and weights.

Their website address is:

OB1 Cue shafts and OB Cues will be available from Mueller's print catalog and on their website later this month.