Mulligan goes undefeated on BAAT stop

Sabra MacArthur Beahn, Stephanie Mitchell and Cassidy Mulligan

Absent from the Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour (BAAT) for a couple of years, Cassidy Mulligan returned on Saturday, September 17 to go undefeated through a short field of 15 entrants. She was challenged twice in the event by Sabra MacArthur Beahn, who moved to the loss-side when Mulligan defeated her in the opening round of play, then, after winning six straight on the loss-side, came back to challenge her again in the finals. Beahn's advancement to the finals allowed her to maintain her first-place ranking in tour standings.  The $300-added amateur event was hosted by Stix Billiards in Palm Harbor, FL.

With two of the four she needed to secure the event victory behind her, Mulligan moved among the winners' side final four, where she faced Lisa McElroy. Tracey Mullen, in the meantime squared off against Chris Fields. Mulligan allowed McElroy only a single rack in advancing to the hot seat match, as Mullen downed Fields 5-4. In a straight-up race to 5, Mulligan gained the hot seat with a 5-3 victory over Mullen.

McElroy moved to the loss-side where she picked up Beahn, who'd  put half of the victories she needed to get back to the finals behind her; defeating Brenda Anderson 7-3, Courtney Bernard in a double hill match, and Jessica Barnes 5-2.  Fields picked up Tammy Gillis, who'd advanced past Jamie Toennies in a double hill match and Vanessa Seaver 4-2. 

In advancing to the quarterfinals, Beahn and Fields gave up only two racks, one each, between them as they dropped McElroy and Gillis into the tie for fifth place. Beahn then downed Fields 5-2, and followed it with a commanding 6-1 victory in the semifinals against Mullen. 

The 'grudge match' finals were on in a 5-7 race (Beahn needing 7). They'd battled to a 5-5 win for Mulligan in the event's opening round, and in the finals, Mulligan gave up one less in a 5-4 win that completed her undefeated day.

Next stop for the BAAT will be in Lakeland, FL, where Wally's will host the tour's final points event on October 15. Beahn will enter the event at the top of the tour standings with Kelly Cavanaugh, tour director Stephanie Mitchell, and Fields behind her.