Murata and Archibald Win Armed Forces Appreciation Tournament by Predator Cues

Los Angeles, California – Dragon Promotions and Predator Cues teamed up to honor military personnel of all eras during the Predator Armed Forces Appreciation Pool School Show on May 21st, 2012. Legendary Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower hosted the retired and active military from the United States Army, Air Force, and Navy who participated in the events which were also sponsored by Simonis Cloth and Master Chalk.  All participants were given free entry and played for the grand prize of a new Predator cue. Reigning US Open Champion Darren Appleton of England and Team USA Captain Charlie Williams were on hand to acknowledge the participants and even take on the servicemen in a friendly challenge game. 

"These men put their lives on the line for us all. Playing a few games of pool with them is nothing in comparison, but Darren and I are honored that they are happy to be around us," said Charlie Williams.

At the end of the tournament, it came down to Clyde Murata and John Archibald. Murata served in the US Army in 1970 during the Vietnam War while Archibald served in Vietnam 1967-1969 as a parachutist in the US Army. Both players are regulars at Hard Times, and Archibald generously decided to not play the finals, conceding the match to Murata and gave him the prized cue. 

Murata stuck around to play Appleton a challenge game. When Appleton missed the 5-Ball, Murata ran out the table. All the fans and military servicemen got a chance to play Williams and Appleton a free game of 9-Ball and get autograph pictures. 

"It seems everyone shoots well here on these tight tables! Big thanks to Dragon Promotions and Predator for inviting me to do the pool school and challenge night for the military. Was a really good time at Hard Times Billiards Los Angeles, the home of champions," said Appleton.

"This was really a great idea to recognize the military. It was especially fitting as it happened near Memorial Day. The guys that came to play really enjoyed themselves and it meant a lot because it was something for only them," explained Erik Delgado, Army Specialist. Delgado served in Iraq and Afghanistan and is still currently enlisted in the US Army Reserves. He further explains,"There's definitely a sense of camaraderie between all the military guys here, whether the older men or younger. There's an understanding between all of us of what we each did for our country. I hope there are more events like this because they are helpful when an enlisted man needs to relieve stress or get their mind off things before being shipped off. On behalf of Hard Times and the Los Angeles military men and women that served, I really like to thank Dragon Promotions for organizing and Predator for sponsoring."

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