Music City Open Tuning Up

James O Blaylock will soon uncork another round of the Music City Open, a staple on the pool scene for the last three decades. This barbox extravaganza is held every January at JOB's in Nashville, TN and always finds the best players in the country going to war in both the tournament and on the action tables.

JOB's is one of the handful of rooms in the country to which all serious pool fanatics must make a pilgrimage at least once in order to just say they have been there. It features great food and cold beer and lots of southern hospitality. Don't just go rushing in the door. Pause at the first table on the left. That is action central and you can usually find an interesting challenge match in progress there.

This year the Music City Open features a live stream of the action by our own BigTruck, so watch on the web if you cannot be there in person. For more information, visit the JOB website at The Open runs from January 13-17 and you can call JOB's at 615-868-4270.