N.S.E. New Tournament Announcement… With A Difference

The UK’s induction of the National Snooker Expo 2018 to date is growing swiftly with further sponsorship announcements and a new online Snooker tournament targeted towards an alternative generation of Cue-Sport Players.
ShootersPool.net: Billiards Simulation - Official eGame Sponsor
National Snooker Expo Director Jason Lawrence explained “We are delighted to bring on board a smart gaming software company for our event, who’s dedicated simulation applications engages cue sport enthusiasts throughout the world. It is very important for us to keep up to date with 21st Century technological developments of commercial platforms. Working with ShootersPool will allow us to gain access to younger participants of games who may otherwise not know of Snookers existence (or its history) and the intricate skills required to master this 18th Century game. So today we announce the NSEXPO ONLINE MASTERS.
“We are super excited as ShootersPool have agreed to host our very own Online e.Gamers Tournament which will be called the "NSEXPO Online Masters" and will run throughout the entire month of May with the final taking place on the 26th May, the first day of our materialised Expo. To my knowledge this is a UK first (if not Europe or even the world) an online tournament which will run and be played alongside the real analogue physical game!
For E.Gamers enjoyment, the tournament will take place in our very own virtual space known as the NSEXPO INTERNATIONAL ARENA. One of our progressive aims is to bring innovation and originality to everything we do. It’s inevitable that soon every sport associations will embrace online gaming one way or another.” said a contented Jason.
So if you think you’ve got what it takes to become the Master of e.gaming Snooker, then join and enter today. For further details please visit: http://www.shooterspool.net/language/en/
Through its advanced physics engine, ShooterPool.net is capable of simulating in a totally real way the physical behaviour of any cue-sport play, and its graphic and sound effects allows the user to feel that they are really playing a billiards game. In addition, through its online gaming platform you will be able to play and compete with players from all over the world. ShootersPool has been created by a billiards player for billiards players and it intends to become a leading model for billiards games and simulators.
The National Snooker Expo also stated that all their Vendor stalls for this years National Snooker Expo are now all allocated.
Enquiries for our 2019 National Snooker Expo can be made by emailing: admin@nationalsnookerexpo.com
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