NACPBA Fails to Launch

AZBilliards can now report that the NACPBA has decided to cancel their planned multi-million-dollar billiards tour. Sources close to the planned tour say this decision will be released to the public via a press release on Wednesday morning. Our efforts to reach a NACPBA spokesman for comment have been thus far unsuccessful.

The NACPBA, formed by Tim Dennis of Atlanta, Georgia, had promised a new day in pool, with a modern arena set-up, multiple camera angles and heavy media coverage. The money to pay for all of this was to come from undisclosed sources rumored to be wealthy businessmen who were going to give Mr. Dennis three years in which to prove that professional pool could be a viable business enterprise.

There are many possibilities for why this plan has been rescinded. The tour has not exactly garnered high praise and recognition as it entered an area already soured by the last big-money operator, the IPT. As we are not as yet privy to the exact reasoning for this decision we shall await the Wednesday press release and hope that it will clear this situation for us.

Stay tuned to AZBilliards for any breaking news concerning this development.