Naomi Walks from ontario on top!

Proudly Holding their Trophies, Naomi on the left and Tracy Koss on the right.

CWPT's WPBA Qualifier Event was held at the Wooden Rack, Mississauga Ontario Canada, and 23 fantastic women pool players showed up to participate on the weekend of May 15-16, 2004. The total prize purse was $1320.00 includes the $500.00 added by the host bar and a Qualifier package of $500.00 US. The first place winner will be invited to join the 2005 WPBA Classic Event. This WPBA qualifier event brought out the best lady pool players in Ontario and even some new faces from Michigan came in for the action!

Jeff Bell Custom Cues, Hallmark Billiards, Tiger Products and Fantastic Memories sponsored the event. Jeff Bell is our main sponsor and is a custom cue maker in Indiana. He creates unique design cues with superb finishes and can be contacted at Lena West owns the Wooden Rack; the host room for the event had a total of eight nine foot Dufferin black crown tables in excellent condition. The bar has hosted many pro events, CPA leagues and seasonal King of the Rack and Queen of the Rack events. In addition, the bar has a repair shop and sells falcon cues to their customers and players.

Angela and Tracy Koss met early in the tournament on the A side of the chart. Track Koss played some of her important key shots, but Angela came out on top with a 7-5 to win. With the victory, Angela continued on and Tracy was relegated to the B-side bracket.

Angela Mears was competing her way through the A-side when she met Star Williams in the A-side quarterfinal. Although playing well, Angela Mears couldn't pull it off with and fell 5 - 7 to a very worthy opponent; Angela went straight to the B-side to face Tracy Koss.

In the B-side bracket, Tracy Koss needed to stay in the game; therefore, she was determined to defeat Angela. She played smart with perfect straight shots, Tracy pulled it off and forced Angela Mears to settle for 5th place after a 7-2 victory.

On the hot seat, the two sisters battle to stay on the A-side chart. Star Williams and Naomi Williams, both never wanting to give up a game. It would be 5-5; Naomi Williams played a smart 8 ball shot which put her in perfect position for 9 ball. Nice shot! Then she finished off with a break and run. Giving her the 7 - 5 win. The loss pushed Star onto the B-side to meet her opponent - Dorothy Brown. Star was determined to win this time and with skill and nerve she made a huge leap race to win 7-1. Dorothy had to settle for 4th place. Star's next opponent would be Tracy Koss to determine the B-side champion.

Star Williams and Tracy Koss needed to win this important match in order to play in the champion A-side bracket. Tracy was determined and had noticed her opponent was very sharp in her previous matches. She played safe and pulled off in excellent shape to win her a huge leap of 7 -1. Star Williams was forced to settle for 3rd place.

In the finals, Tracy VS Naomi Williams fought for 1st prize and a chance to win the entry to WPBA 2005 Classic Event. Spectators gathered to watch the match. It was 5 -5. Both were playing strong. Tracy made a 6 ball shot but landed on a difficult leave where the white ball was too close together with the 7 ball. Referee was called, but she played a shot that almost sunk the 7 ball, but it wasn't safe enough, and Naomi ran out the rest of the table. Naomi breaks and with a 6-5 lead she almost runs out the table. She shot the 7 ball leaving the 8 ball in a bad position. She pulled a perfect hook shot and Tracy couldn't see the ball - leaving a foul. Naomi took advantage and finished the table leading to her to win the title and an entry spot for the WPBA.

Way to go Naomi Williams!

Picture taken by Fantastic Memories.

1st Naomi Williams $530
2nd Tracy Koss $330
3rd Star Williams $200
4th Dorothy Brown $130
5th/6th Angela Mears, Sharlene Wakerson $65