NAPL Official Sponsor of the 2013 14.1 World Tournament

We are very proud to announce that Tony Robles’ league, the National Amateur Pool League also known as the NAPL is an Official Sponsor of the 2013 World 14.1 Tournament which will take place at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, Queens on August 19-24!

Open only to NAPL members, the NAPL will run a qualifier on Saturday, June 22nd at one of its host rooms, Amsterdam Billiards & Bar in Union Square, New York City. This unique experience gives one dedicated amateur a chance to play in a major event amongst professionals from all around the world.    
The winner of the qualifier will get a guaranteed spot in the event and a paid entry (worth $580) to the 14.1 World Straight Pool Tournament. 
Special thanks to Amsterdam Billiard’s owner Greg Hunt for providing his room for this qualifier event and to Dragon Promotions for giving the amateurs the opportunity to compete against the world’s best straight pool players!
For more information about the NAPL please visit