Native American Casino Pool Tour Stop No. 5 Complete With Large Field In Tow

We knew it was going to be big, just didn't know how big. An early indication of the weekend at Menominee Casino, Keshena Wisconsin (December 5-7, 2008) was the huge field in the Friday night nine-ball tourney.  104 players arrived in time to participate in this single elimination $700 added mini tourney. Many players missed the registration deadline due to a freeway accident and the slippery roads.

The field was narrowed to the final two on Friday night and eventually split by Billy Lasee from Antigo, Wisconsin (rated a nine) and John Pokora from Champaign, Illinois (rated a six). They each received $450 out of the $2780 pot.

The main event ended up with 114 two-person teams beginning 10 am on Saturday and completing at 7 pm on Sunday. The finals was won in a closely contested first match by the undefeated team of In-Stroke featuring truck driver Todd Brown of Stevens

Point, Wisconsin (who had to leave for Chicago that night) and Les Underwood of Iron Mountain, Michigan, who recovered from a heart attack at last year's state tournament and is back in good shape. Second place went to the team of Premier Plumbing, with Billy Lasee and Ed Livingston.  First place paid $1300 and second was $1140, while third was awarded to the Dirty Turtles from Stevens Point, Wisconsin (Mark Hutchison and Rick Weronke composed that team) Fourth was taken by NEXT from Illinois which consists of John Pokora and Nathan Stone.

DR Pool would like to thank all participants and Menominee Casino Bingo Hotel for its long-time sponsorship of these events. Menominee Casino contributed $5000 to the prize fund.  More information on the Native American Casino Pool Tour can be found on

Results (Teams-additional payouts can be found at the above website):

1st In Stroke (Les Underwood/Todd Brown) $1300

2nd Premier Plumbing (Ed Livingston/Billy Lasee) $1140

3rd Dirty Turtles (Mark Hutchison/Rick Weronke) $950

4th NEXT (John Pokora/Nate Stone) $750

5th/6th Miller's Army (Jim Wagner/Dan Coppens)/The Good and the Bad (Jeff Potts/Rich Rabuck) $570

7th/8th Blood, Sweat & Tears (Steve Crnecki/John Kotnik)/Skis (Dave Torzewski/Ed Osypowski) $440

9th-12th Best in Town (Chad Beyer/Chris Doerller)/Fiddlers (Dean Lanthrip/Mark Condroski)/Horsin' Around (Steve Jantz/Scott Osterbrink)/Schmitt House (Joe O'Heron/Rod Schmitt) $300