Netherlands win Euro Championship

Netherlands win Euro Championship

The European Championships came to an end yesterday, as the team-event for men was won by The Netherlands. Back to back wins over Luxemburg, Slovenia, Sweden and Finland led the team (Nick van den Berg, Niels Feijen, Alex Lely and Rico Diks) to the final where they faced favorites Germany (Thorsten Hohmann, Ralf Souquet, Oliver Ortmann and Thomas Engert)

A real thriller beforehand when the three single matches (9-ball, 8-ball and 14.1) started, since The Netherlands and Germany have always been (friendly) rivals. And a real thriller it turned out to be.

Rico Diks played Ralf Souquet (8-ball) and lost 8-6. In the meantime, tough battles where fought out between Niels Feijen and Oliver Ortmann at the 14.1-match. Niels, who had run another 125-and out in the semi's, missed a breakball and trailed 87-30 when Ortmann ran out of position. Niels took the opportunity to make a solid run and finished the match: 125-84. At the same time, Alex Lely showed Thomas Engert that a gold medal in 9-ball doesn't mean a thing when it's another day and another match: Lely beat Engert 9-6 and the Dutch team, supported by a large number of Dutch Supporters, were crowned champions.

The bronze medal went to Italy and Finland.

Norwegian Line Kjörsvik was definately the best player of the women's tournament. She took home the gold medal at the 8-ball and 14.1 disciplines. The big upset came from Italian Tiziana Cacciamani, who stopped Line's hunger for another medal at 9- ball, which was won by Laetitia Dos Santos from France.

The team event was won by Germany, to nobody's surprise. In the semi's, they beat Holland, followed by a solid win over Denmark in the final.

All results (details:

Men Straight Pool:
1. Niels Feijen (Holland)
2. Thomas Engert (Germany)
3. Roman Hybler (Czech Republic)
3. Rico Diks (Holland)

Men Eight Ball:
1. Thorsten Hohmann (Germany)
2. Niels Feijen (Holland)
3. Kasper Thygesen (Denmark)
3. Tom Storm (Sweden)

Men Nine-ball
1. Thomas Engert (Germany)
2. Ralf Souquet (Germany)
3. Nick van den Berg (Holland)
3. Oliver Ortmann (Germany)

Men Teams:
1. Holland
2. Germany
3. Italy
3. Finland

Women Straight Pool:
1. Line Kjörsvik (Norway)
2. Daniela Benz (Germany)
3. Wendy Jans (Belgium)
3. Franziska Stark (Germany)

Women Eight Ball:
1. Line Kjörsvik (Norway)
2. Charlotte Sörensen (Denmark)
3. Wienke Thamsen (Germany)
3. Franziska Stark (Germany)

Women Nine Ball:
1. Laetitia Dos Santos (France)
2. Ulrika Andersson (Sweden)
3. Michala Borch (Denmark)
3. Tiziana Cacciamani (Italy)

Women Teams:
1. Germany
2. Denmark
3. Finland
3. Holland