Nevel and Tush victorious at Viking Double Header

Steve Moore, Bruce Berrong, Young (Brass Rail Mgr), Larry Nevel and Drew Morris (Brass Rail GM)

The Viking Cue 9-Ball "open" and "amateur" events were held at Brass Rail Billiards in Athens Georgia this weekend as a double-header event, bringing in 100 players to participate in the two tournaments. The tour brought in notable players such as six-time world champion Earl Strickland, twelve year old pool prodigy Landon Shuffett, former Viking Tour National Champion Larry Nevel, professional player Stevie Moore, plus many others.

Brass Rail Billiards Manager Drew Morris stated that the new double-header format of the Viking Tour was a real winner. With over 100 players and a matching amount of spectators, he stated that this was the best tournament we have ever had. Mike Janis, from the Viking Tour, stated he was extremely pleased with Brass Rail Billiards - they treated all the players with spectacular southern hospitality, noted the tables were in excellent condition, and that the room offered a wonderful atmosphere for tournaments. In addition, he stated that this was the tour's ninth year of having tournaments at Brass Rail Billiards and that plans for its tenth year at the venue were taking place.

The path to the finals saw Larry Nevel with wins over Jay Barrow 7-4, Marcus Goins 7-5, Paul Song 7-2, Danny Turner 7-6, T.F. Whittington 7-2, and then securing the winners bracket over Stevie Moore with a score of 7-4. The “open” finals consisted of a close match between Larry Nevel and Bruce Berrong with a final score of 7-5.

Bruce Berrong had wins over Dustin Byrd 7-4, Travis Dorn 7-4, then a loss to Stevie Moore of 7-3, which sent him to the one-loss side to win five matches, including Aaron Frady 7-4, Paul Turner 7-2, T.F. Whittington 7-1, Landon Shuffet 7-3, Stevie Moore 7-2 (in the semi-finals), ultimately loosing to Larry Nevel in the finals with a score of 7-5.

Stevie Moore defeated Sully Sullivan 7-0, Doug Young 7-6, Danny Rochester 7-2, Bruce Berrong 7-3, Landon Shuffett 7-5 (in the quarter finals), and then a 7-4 loss to Larry Nevel for the hot seat sent him to the one-loss side where he lost in the semi-finals to Bruce Berrong 7-2.

Landon Shuffett defeated John Germany 7-2, Earl Strickland 7-2, Paul Turner 7-6, then a loss to Stevie Moore of 7-5 sent him to the one-loss side where he defeated Angelo Innessa 7-3, and finally ended his run in the quarter finals against Bruce Berrong 7-3.

The Amateur Division results (July 1st) included quarter final wins for Eddie Little over Lewis McDaniels 5-1 and Dustin Byrd 5-0; a hot seat match of Sam Tush defeating Dustin Byrd 5-4; and a final match of Sam Tush over Eddie Little 5-3.

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