Nevel avenges only loss; wins Jacoby Tour Stop

Larry Nevel

Jeff Abernathy was able to defeat Larry Nevel to take the hot-seat at the Jacoby Carolina Tour Stop on September 6-7th, but that win would have to suffice as Nevel came back from the one loss side to crush Abernathy in the finals.

Abernathy dominated his opponents on the way to the hot-seat match, beating Ty Bissett, Andrew Coley, Sam Monday and Stephen Bishop by a combined score of 28-9 and then went on to a 7-4 win over Nevel for the hot-seat.

The loss to Abernathy may have gotten Nevel's attention though, as he beat Cary Dunn 7-2 on the one loss side to earn another shot at Abernathy in the finals.

Nevel took an early lead in the extended race to 9 finals and just kept pouring it on. When Nevel did make mistakes, Abernathy seemed unable to take advantage of them. By the end of the match, it was Nevel with nine games and Abernathy with only four.

The main event was not the only event being played this weekend. Robert Ray won the second chance tournament and Mac Harrel defeated Jonathan Lamm to win the Junior event.