Nevel beats Bustamante for Carolinas Win

Larry Nevel

Larry Nevel had all parts of his game working in the 2005 Carolinas Open 9-Ball Division at Fast Eddies in Goldsboro NC, and a less than 100% Francisco Bustamante turned out to be no match for him in the end.

Nevel took the hot-seat with an 11-6 win over Bustamante early on Sunday. The story in that match was Nevel’s break, which was working to perfection the entire match.

Bustamante went to the one-loss side and defeated Mike Davis 11-4, but he suffered an injury to his elbow in that match and it would end up to keep from giving his all in the finals against Nevel. Bustamante explained that he reached back to break the balls and felt something pull in his elbow.

There is no telling how much the elbow affected Bustamante in the final race to 15, but trailing Nevel 5-12 he decided that he couldn’t continue and ceded the match. “When we shook hands after tha match, his hand felt like it had been packed in ice” said Nevel after the match.

Nevel pocketed $5500 for first place, while Bustamante settled for $3360 for second. Mike Davis and Jason Kirkwook filled out the top four spots.

We have two photo galleries as well as complete brackets from the event available online. Gallery One | Two

Complete Results:
1st Larry Nevel $5500
2nd Francisco Bustamante $3360
3rd Mike Davis $2500
4th Jason Kirkwood $1500
5th/6th Ronnie Wiseman, Earl Strickland $1000
7th/8th Robb Saez, Jeremy Jones $750
9th/12th Jose Parica, Nick Varner, Scott Frost, Tony Chohan $500
13th/16th Norris Brady, Larry Pittman, Bill Bailey, Santos Sambajon $300
17th/24th Jimmy Faircloth, David Baranski, Johnny Griffin, Brandon Shuff, Larry Faulk, Chris Bartrum, Warren Kiamco, Gabe Owen