New and Improved Tiger Tips

First of all we would like to thank you for your business and many years of support for the Tiger brand. It has been quite some time since we have made any changes or doing something new to our laminated cue tips. Well, that time has come and in the past year or so we have listened to all of your comments and suggestions and we have come up with some unbelievable results to say the least.


We have improved the cosmetics of all of our tips and we have eliminated some of the choices of tips to simplify the inventory. We have added Red color hard leather backing on all of our leather tips and laser engraved every tip. The bottom end of each tip will have the name of each tip, Tiger logo, the year of manufacture and Made in USA. This is to make sure all of our customers are protected and are safe purchasing genuine Tiger brand tips from any of our legit dealers and distributors. Our new and improved custom packaging will protect the tips better during shipping and will have specific looks and colors to make sure it stands out from all fraudulent Tiger tips and tip packaging. 


Don't be fooled by any other name similar to ours. These are the genuine line of all Tiger tips made in our factory in Burbank, CA. All information is already posted on the web site so please check it out. Be patient there is a 3-4 weeks wait time minimum.


The Official release date of these new tips is 11-01-2017.