New Aramith Tournament Balls to be Used First at Predator 10-Ball

The new Aramith Tournament Ball set, the latest in more than a half-century of billiard ball development by the company, will find its first use at the Predator International 10-Ball Tournament in Anadia, Portugal. When play commences on Thursday, September 10, the players will be using this new ball set that continues the tradition of excellence highlighted in modern days by the Aramith Pro balls.  

Aramith boasts that the new Tournament Balls are a combination of unique craftsmanship and high technology resulting in balls that are perfectly round, uniform in weight and hardness and blessed with enhanced friction resistance in roll and reaction. The balls feature what Aramith terms “Duramith Technology” whose phenolic resin formulation introduces a new molecular structure that drastically increases the playing life while minimizing table wear by reducing cloth wear and marking. Aramith believes these balls will easily last up to 40 years in residential playing use without any visible degradation of the balls.  

With their completely overhauled resin formulation that includes high-tech reticulation, cross-linking and curing technologies, the new Aramith Tournament Balls will increase their service life by up to 50% and will offer the user a long-lasting finish, consistent rebound, playing consistency and a minimization of the cloth burn marks that often resulted in the white ‘skid' marks from the breaking area in the past.