New Corporate Sponsorship for Season Three of the Canadian 9-Ball Tour

Oakville, ON, August 1, 2007 - Q Sport Media is pleased to announce that Chapters Indigo Bookstores and Cineplex Entertainment have joined forces to promote the sport of billiards in Canada through the Canadian 9-Ball Tour. Chapters Indigo Bookstores is Canada's largest retail chain of book stores and Cineplex Entertainment is Canada's largest theatre exhibition company.

“This partnership of corporate giants with the Canadian 9-Ball Tour will undoubtedly change the face of pool in Canada. I am delighted to make this formal announcement and am excited at how this development will change the horizon for the future of our sport” says Jim Wych, founder and promoter of the Canadian 9-Ball Tour. “I've always felt that billiards truly offers a broad demographic appeal to corporate Canada and that it would only take one big name company to step up to the plate to establish this fact. Now, hopefully other corporate entities will recognize the untapped benefits that being associated with cue sports offers and billiards can take the step to the next level.”

Another new sponsor this year is Dufferin Billiards who have manufactured a “limited edition” pool cue designed exclusively for the Canadian 9-Ball Tour. A limited number of these special edition cues will be available through the official tour website or from Dufferin Billiards retail outlets in Canada, FG Bradleys .

Stan James Sports Bookmakers, Canada Billiard & Bowling, Simonis Cloth and Aramith Billiard Balls continue their on-going support of the Canadian 9-ball Tour as contributing sponsors.

Year three of the Canadian 9-Ball Tour will see an increase from 6 events to 8 events, with an added increase in prize money in each tournament from “$5,000 added” to “$10,000 added”.

This season will also see the doors open up for American participation as international players will be allowed to compete for the first time.

Please visit the official Canadian 9-Ball Tour website at: for all tour related information.