New DVD Set: The Official Billiard Rules

At the Mosconi Cup this year I was fortunate to receive a set of DVD's for review. This set is called "The Official Billiard Rules" and features two true experts on the rules of all the games, Thomas Overbeck and Michaela Tabb. This video explanation of the rules of pool is approved by the WPA and is a very helpful learning tool.

As is expained in the General Rules section of the set, it is always the players responsibility to know the rules of the game. I have seen many times a player lose a game because he thoght he had won and swept the balls to the end of the table for the next rack. For instance, if a player makes the 10 ball on the break in a game of Ten Ball, he may mistakenly believe that he has won the game and rake the balls. And that would cost him the rack since there is no golden break in Ten Ball. So it is imperative that the players know the rules of every game in which they compete.

The DVD's are set as a conversation of each rule between Thomas and Michaela. Michaela lists the rules in order as they appear in the rule book and Thomas explains them fully, including examples. If there is any question left after the explanation, Michaela asks for and receives clarification. It is a very relaxed way to learn the rules. The video quality is excellent, the adio is pure, and the set is professional and very well done.

My suggestions for using these DVD's is this. If you need to learn the rules, first read the rule book. It will overwhelm you a bit. There is a lot to learn. Then play these DVD's and let them reinforce your knowledge. Secondly, whenever you are about to head to a tournament, play the section of the DVD's that applies to the game that you will be playing.

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