New “Hot Shots” Are In Town

Sharlene Watkinson, Zabrina Wellman and Kelly Shaddock

The Canadian Women's Pool Tour and Ontario Skill Games is please to announce there are new Hot Shots in town. On December 4, 2004, Le Skratch, Oshawa hosted the second event of the Women's 8 Ball team tournaments, which consisted of five teams competing for the first place prize money of $240.00 and second place $110.00, an extra bonus of a team auction that consisted of first place prize money receiving $210.00 and second receiving $90.00.

With five teams ready and able to duke it out on the coin operated tables, tournament director Denise Belanger, stated the event would be another round robin, with each team receiving 4 qualified weeks guaranteed towards the Valley National Eight Ball Association Provincial Championships, which are coming up on February 9-13, 2005 at the Hamilton Convention Center. Each team/player needs 8 weeks of qualification in order to compete at this event but wait, don't be alarmed you still have one more event to qualify.

A sixty-dollar entry fee and two new teams that arrived were the Hot Shots that consisted of Sharlene Watkinson, Zabrina Wellman and Kelly Shaddock. The Sharp Shooters which consisted of Kelly Park, Stacie Gronau and Cathy Lefreniere all were ready to battle last months winner Pandora's Box. The day started off with Pandora's Box and Kraft Dinner Deluxe unleashing their fury, however this time KDD got the best of Pandora's Box with a 4-0 win. Casino Queen's last month's runners up were squaring off against the Sharp Shooters; these girls meant business with a 4-0 win over the Casino Queens. The battle was on, as overall points from each round would take the championship title. Ohhhhh what a day and what a comeback. In the second round, Pandora's Box played the other new team, the Hot Shot's and took the win 3-1. However the team name speaks for itself the "HOT SHOT'S" came from behind to win their three remaining matches with a score of 3-1 versus the Sharp Shooters, 3-1 against Kraft Dinner Deluxe and last but not least, 3-1 over the Casino Queens which gave them a combined score of 10 points. With all teams competing at the same time and realizing that the Hot Shot's had already won, there were three teams left which just found out, that yes a three way tie of 9 points had just happened. With that being said, tournament director Denise had to turn to all score sheets and tally up all total points minus the handicaps. "A vote was taking at the first event, that in the event of a tie, all teams agreed to turn to total points minus handicaps." It was anyone's win. Everyone stood back in anticipation to see what the outcome would be, just then Denise read off the total scores, KDD has 289 points, Pandora's Box has 285 points and the Sharp Shooters has 258 points. With that, coming in second is Kraft Dinner Deluxe. It was just that close!!!

The Canadian Women's Pool Tour would graciously like to thank Le Skratch, Oshawa for adding $100.00 to the event and their kind hospitality towards the women and to all those spectators who watched and cheered for their favorite players and teams. The next event will be at Spectrum Billiards in Markham. For further information about the next event, you can check out the web site or contact Denise Belanger via email at .

Congratulations to Sharlene Watkinson for winning the 50/50 draw of $180.00. All monies raised goes towards VNEA International Team Trip, which will be in May 2005.


See you at the next event in January and remember, Please don't drink and drive!

Payout: $750.00 includes Player Auction and $100.00 added
1st -Hotshots $550.00
2nd Kraft Dinner Deluxe $200.00