New & Improved Re-Launches

Thorsten Hohmann

Jacksonville, Florida  -  Two-time World Champion Thorsten Hohmann has revamped his personal website If you thought you knew all about Thorsten before, you will be surprised at an even more thorough look inside of one of the world's premier players. has the latest news as well as many special features that fans will love. 
"As well as I know Thorsten, I still learned a few new things reading his bio. It's so complete, you can tell there was a ton of work put into it", - Charlie Williams, Top USA Touring Pro.

Fans can enjoy videos, photos, and even stay current following Thorsten on his travels through Facebook and Twitter features. But the most interactive feature will be his blog of which Thorsten will personally update and communicate with his fans on a frequent basis.
Being born and raised in Germany, he has become one of the most recognizable players ever in Europe and making his home base in the United States, a giant following in North America. Last year he won the historic first ever China Open as well as the Asia 10-Ball Championships garnering him hundreds of millions of viewers when he won both events. That's alot of fans to keep updated.

"I want to talk about how it is to be a professional pool player. The every day life, the practice and preparation for an event. The demands and battles at a tournament. The ups and downs during a season, the characters in the pool community and all the finer details about the game. I know with time my stories will just get better and I promise to do my best to keep the site always updated", says Thorsten.

Thorsten Hohmann is considered to be by many experts, as one of the upper eschelon of professionals in the world today. Hohmann has won the World 9-Ball Championship, the World Straight Pool Championship, and winner of the North American 9-Ball Open which paid the greatest championship prize money in billiard history. More recently he has added The China Open and the Asia 10-Ball Championship titles in his repertoire.  In Pool & Billiard Magazine Poll among professional players, Hohmann was voted 3rd best player in the world in the World's Top 100 Players. Hohmann has won awards such as Sportsman of the Year and Best Dressed Player on Tour. He is sponsored by Lucasi Cues.