New International Calendar Launches Today

AZBilliards is today launching a new calendar of major international events that is formatted in such a way as to allow promoters and players to be better able to plan their events and travel. Everyone should now be able to see easily what events of major importance take place, where they take place, and when. Conflicts in events will also be obvious. It is our hope that players, fans and promoters will use this calendar in conjunction with their local federation calendars (EPBF, BCA, APBU, etc) and the official WPA calendar to better plan their activities. One caveat: this is NOT an official calendar of any sort. It reflects our best effort at putting together an international calendar but ALL dates should be checked against the WPA and federation calendars.  

Anyone finding errors in this calendar please notify Jerry Forsyth by writing to Please clearly explain the error and the calendar upon which the discrepancy exists. For instance, please tell us that the EPBF (for example) calendar shows a difference with XYZ event. We will do our best to keep the calendar accurate and up to date.