New “” website released

We’ve had this project on the backburner for nearly 3 years and it’s with great joy that we’re finally able to offer it to all aspiring players.
What we’ve done is made all Joe Tucker products available for immediate access and we’ve made it as affordable & efficient as possible for everyone. The price is less than half of what hard copies would cost but the real deal maker is you can get everything immediately with just $8 down. I’ve always known or felt that not everyone who wants to improve their game can afford to pull the trigger to make $100-$200 instructional purchases and that’s why I wouldn’t have done this unless we could make it affordable for everyone. It’s not a subscription site; it’s just a monthly reoccurring charge of $8 per month for one year that covers everything. ($6 in September if you use promo code UpStateAL). I love to teach and I believe this format is perfect for everyone involved.
The package players gain immediate access to;
Racking Secrets 1 
Racking & Breaking Secrets II (These 2 alone retail for more than our promo deal)
Aiming Workout Videos & Book (Toughest pool workout there is and gets quick results)
Rail Workout Videos (90 minute workout that every player needs to be able to execute)
Guaranteed Improvement Video & Book (This is must have for players and other instructors)
And the 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer will be mailed to each new student. 
(Haven’t found a way to deliver that via immediate download yet)
These items normally retail for $185 without shipping and now people can get it all for just $8 down 
($6 with UpStateAl code)
I would like to give a shout out to “THE” company that could do the job; Arizona Web Kings and Thomas Collins are an amazing company to deal with. Sure we all know somebody who is a wiz with websites or at least we think we do until we hire them. I know from personal experience that many think it’s easy to just throw up some videos & books and make them available but trust me its not, I wouldn’t have had to fire two previous designers that swore they could handle it if it were so simple. This had to be done so it was affordable and efficient for everyone; Tom really came through for all of us.
This is a small dream come true for me because it’s what I love to do and it’s done in a good old fashion win, win manner. I stink at sales, really don’t enjoy marketing and have always been for the good ole “Here’s the deal, I know it has value, take it or leave it” and that’s exactly what we’ve done. People get information that is worth far more than they have to pay and I get to work for the masses doing what I love. For less than the price of one private lesson with me I get to offer anyone wanting to improve their game enough information that might take us 10 lessons or more to cover. The information on the site will make you a better player simply by viewing it, never mind when you start taking it to the table. (Which you can now do on your cell phone or any mobile device ;)
In the near future I hope to have time to add more video instruction to both the free and instructional member sections of the site as an ongoing and added bonus for everyone. I love to teach and help others but right now the American Billiard Club and the American Rotation Championship Series (along with family) still have to be my main focus. We’ve been on this mission to unite players and 64 clubs across the country for more than 2 years now and we’re currently getting over the hump. Almost everyone that gets involved in the ARCS loves it, so please consider inviting your local club & 9 of your friends to form your own group of 10 to get on board for Series 7 or Series 8.
I look forward to seeing all of us improve our personal game and our sport in general. to improve your game today.
Use Promo Code UpStateAL in Sept to save an additional $24 ($113 total savings) to improve your online experience. to help our sport and your game.