New Products to Help in Aiming

The calendar says it's November but my lawn thinks it's spring? Nonetheless Christmas is hurtling towards us. Yes it is time to think about our friends and loved ones, and what gifts they might like. If you are reading this, most likely a trip to your local billiard pro shop will save you time, and gas in a one stop shopping outing. Just in time for the festive season of good will and sharing, Joe Tucker the world class pool player and instructor is offering three items sure to improve everyone's pool game.

The first is Joe's famous aiming system. It comes with a 50-page workbook and 2 DVD's to thoroughly explain the process. This is a unique point-to-point aiming system shows the student a specific numerical value for the contact point on the front of the cue ball. This number then corresponds with the exact contact point on the object ball necessary for pocketing it. The system is strongly endorsed by many of the industries heavyweights, such as, "World Champion Trick Shot Artist", Mike Massey. Professional instructor and architect of the B.C.A. instructor program Bob Jewett says, "The whole package is the clearest, and most complete explanation of any aiming system available". There is no math involved. The numbers on the cue and object balls simply represent reference points to identify contact areas. Joe's offering much more than just an aiming system. The drills are meant to familiarize the student with position routes and a competent stroke making Joe Tucker's "Aiming By The Numbers Method" a real buy and a great gift idea.

"The Third Eye Stroke Trainer", also developed by Tucker is a device that slides over the tip end of your cue, and is much better than the stroking into the pop bottle method to achieve a consistently straight stroke. When the difference between making and missing is 1/32 of an inch you need real precision! One of the major mistakes that puts a definite limitation on how well we can play the game is incorrect sighting of vertical center on the cue ball. Joe's stroke trainer will identify and correct a twist of the wrist or an off center cue ball strike. This little device will really put the corrective feel in your stroke and makes an excellent warm-up tool!

Lastly, but certainly not least "Racking Secrets with Joe Tucker" is another 2 DVD set based and revised on Joe's out of print gem, "Racking Secrets". It covers 9-ball, 8-ball, 10-ball, and straight pool! This DVD set is a wonderful addition to your pool library. Understanding the way the rack will spread is imperative to ramping up your winning percentage. Little gaps between the balls will tell you when to accept a rack, or when to ask for a re-rack. Joe has done all the homework for us when it comes to reading the rack. Now you can see the rack as the professionals do, and know where to break from using Joe's system to your best advantage!

These three instructional treasures are sure to give students of the game a real competitive edge. Good luck, and play well!

By John Evans - Reprinted with permission from On The Wire Billiards