New Rack and Rules for the U. S. Open 9-Ball

The Club Rack, a new traditional triangle wood rack, is now the Official Ball Rack of the U. S. Open 9-Ball Championships. The Club Rack features solid Ash wood construction and is professionally handcrafted for extreme durability and precision by Diamond Billiard Products, the maker of the Diamond pool tables.

For the past several years, there has been much debate regarding the use of a mechanical rack at the U. S. Open 9-Ball. Promoter Barry Behrman believes The Club Rack will be a favorite with the players, as well as the fans.

"The U. S. Open is built on quality and tradition, which are the same features we want in the equipment used during the tournament," says Behrman. "The best players deserve the best equipment. We have Diamond tables, Simonis cloth, Aramith balls, and now The Club Rack. It's a simple piece of equipment, but it's extremely precise in what it does for the game. Besides, it really looks good, it feels good and it will add a dynamic element back to the tournament that we've been missing for years, the sound of the balls throughout the tournament room being racked in a wood rack. It's pool like it ought to be."

The Club Rack brings with it rule changes for the event. Players will now rack their own and break from anywhere behind the head string, instead of the break box. The 9-Ball will no longer be racked on the spot, as it has been for the past several years due to the predictability of the break shot. Now, the 1-Ball will be racked on the spot as indicated by the traditional rules of play.

The Club Rack is larger than any other standard triangle on the market today. The interior length of each side is a full 12 inches, allowing more space between the end row of balls and the inside back of the rack. This extra space makes removal much easier. The Club Rack also comes with alignment notches on the back end to ensure perfect position on the table each and every time. The precise design and construction of The Club Rack leaves the balls firm and fixed.

A limited supply of Club Racks will be available at the U. S. Open 9-Ball. The Club Rack comes in three finish colors. For more information visit,