New sheriff at Bigwigs Canadian 20K Tour Stop

Marcel Gauvreau and Neil Buzza

A first stop at Bigwigs Billiards in Newmarquet, Ontario for the 20K was awesome!!!!

The room owners there are superb and run a very competitive league along with CCS. Brian Bedford was there to show his support for this wonderful sport and some of the players from Dunlop Billiards where there as well. Thanks to all of you on behalf of the tour.

Now going back to Business...
There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Marcel Gauvreau, the man dressed in impeccable black sporting a beautiful hat had his guns loaded this weekend and went undefeated at this event.

Truly a remarkable player handicapped as a 9 runs rack after rack all the while entertaining the aficionados with good taste and humor while also doing some 'high end' jump shots to capture the set.

Side kick, Chris Clark follows the action from the side lines rejoicing at the prospect of winning.

Congratulations Marcel Gauvreau, well done.

67 players where competing this week at Bigwigs and while some regulars where absent there were lots of new faces. The 20K Tour was embraced by this town so well and people showed their approval with the format complementing the director many times'.. To you all - Thanks.

The "Hot Seat" match was taken by Marcel Gauvreau defeating Mike Parkin (7+) by the score of 10-4.

Last 8 players on the one loss side featured Brad Guthrie (6+) besting Rob Brandenburg (8+) 6-4. John Black (7) defeated Ken Botham (7+) by a 7-2 score. Ken Botham was running at 120 MPH on Saturday, but the engine stalled on Sunday. Mike Patrowicz (6+) runs over Brad Guthrie (6+) with a 6-2 score. Neil Buzza (6+) goes hill-hill against John Black (7) and takes the win after John scratches on the 7 ball (still wonder how it happened?).

Now Neil Buzza runs over Mike Patrowicz 6-1. This sets the match for Neil Buzza vs. Mike Parkin and is Neil all the way 6-1.

Earlier on the A side Marcel had sent Neil to the one loss side 10-5 where Neil grinds his way back and gets one more chance at the apple and comes to the game confident to face Marcel again. This time Marcel is serious about the game and tells Neil that is not going to happen with a 10-1 score. A new Sheriff has arrived.

Final Results 1- Marcel Gauvreau $ 1700 ** Calcutta
2- Neil Buzza $ 900 ** Calcutta
3- Mike Parkin $ 650 ** Calcutta
4- Mile Patrowicz $ 450 ** Calcutta
5- Brad Guthrie $ 195 ** Calcutta
6- John Black $ 195 ** Calcutta
7- Rob Brandenburg $ 65
8- Ken Botham $ 65

The second chance tournament was won by:

1- Keith Desomie $ 90
2- Bob Reid $ 50