New Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Handicapped Tour Announced

As of March 8th, 2010 the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour has restructured the rules for all players wishing to participate in the Viking Tour events. The new rules structure has been changed to reflect current trends in the tournament marketplace and the requests of players.  This new structure will allow all players wishing to compete in events a fair and equal chance in the Viking Tour events under a new handicap structure.

As of March 8th, 2010 all events in the SE Region (NC, SC,  TN, GA, AL, FL, MS) will be handicapped Pro-Am events with a minimum of $1,500 added to each event and a minimum of $1,000 guaranteed to 1st place.  All players regardless of ability will be allowed to compete in these events under a newly structured fair handicap system.

The 9-Ball events will be true double elimination played under World Standardized Rules with players competing at their assigned handicap level.  The games will be played to full Hcp and winner breaks on the winners side of the chart and abbreviated Hcp (-2 games) with alternating breaks on the 1-loss side of the chart.

Non-Accomplished Junior Players will race to 6 with paid entry fees or race to 7 utilizing the free entry fees program.
Accomplished Junior Players will race to 7 or 9 depending upon past event performances.
Non-Pro Women Players will race to 6 with paid entry fees or race to 7 utilizing the free entry fees program.
Amateur Players (Lessor Skilled) will race to 7. 
Amateur Players (with accomplishments) will race to 9.
Advanced Amateur Players will race to 11.
Pro Players and Players with known Professional Abilities will race to 13.

The tournament director reserves the right to assign and/or change players handicaps based on their known performances from any reported event at any time.  Additionally, any player that wins 2 events under this handicap structure will have a 1 game increase in handicap and an additional game increase if a 3rd event is won.  Players participating with Hcp's of 9 or 11 may receive a 1 game decrease in Hcp after participating in 5 events without placing in the money.

To find out what level of tournament player you are, please start by visiting the Viking Cue “Amateur” guidelines at: . Note, accomplished Male Amateur Players that have won any tour or large events will race to 9, all other adult Male Amateurs will race to 7.  Advanced Amateur Players that fit into these guidelines as seen here: will race to 11.  All Professional Female top 16 WPBA Players will race to 13. Top 17-32 WPBA players will race to 11 and all other current WPBA Tour players will race to 9.  All Male Professional Players will race to 13.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour was founded in 1994 as an Ohio based tour. Over the years it has grown significantly to include many regions of the US. It is currently the largest and longest running Open regional billiards tour in the USA. The Viking Tours consist of four separate tours: The Viking Cue Open, Amateur Only, Amateur-Advanced and the Viking Cue - Olhausen Billiards Classic 9-Ball Tours. Combined, the tours offer approximately 141 tournament events each tour season for players from beginning to professionals to compete in. Player and business associate members are offered many outstanding benefits that separate the Viking Tours from any other tour in the USA. These benefits include: Health-care insurance, Free entry fees for Ladies and Junior players, Discounts to Military Personnel, Senior Citizens and Pool League Players.
For more information about sponsoring, participating in or hosting Viking Tour events contact the tour at or call 1-800-200-POOL .

Visit the Viking Tours web page at: